Swimming Pool

Our 25 metre heated swimming pool complement the rest of our outstanding health and racquet club facilities.

Whether you are looking to go swimming for fitness, join in on our NEW aqua programs or just relax in the pool, Club Coops provides one of the best environments to combine fitness and fun.

Have a dip in our 25-metre pool - perfect for an all-round workout or a refreshing splash after hitting the gym, playing tennis or enjoying a hit of squash. 

Relax knowing that our pool is heated all year round and avoids the busy demands of most public pools as it is only available to Club Coops members.



SwimFiit is a ‘swimming squad’ style of training that caters to all abilities and fitness levels.  In this class you should expect to cover between 1-2Km’s in this 60 minute class using a variety of strokes.  Not up to the challenge yet?  Thats ok, whether covering the distance is challenging or you just need a little bit of help with your stroke correction, we’ll help you get up to speed quickly through the expert advice of our swim coaches.


Swim FIIT Bootcamp

More than just an aqua aerobics class, this is constant, fast moving, high intensity interval training (HIIT) that incorporates boxing, circuit and partner workouts in the pool.

No boundaries as to what can be achieved in this class.



If traditional fitness exercises leave you bruised, battered or just bored, aqua aerobics classes are the perfect way to get fit in a fun, safe environment. Aqua aerobics is an addictive instructor-led workout for the whole body that uses the resistance of water to burn fat, strengthen your muscles, increase endurance and get your heart and lungs going.

Aqua aerobics is a great workout for all fitness levels. Seniors, arthritis sufferers, pregnant women and injured athletes all benefit greatly from water-based workouts. Because you’re 90% lighter in water there’s less strain on your joints and muscle, and less risk of injury.



Want to get into a swimming program but would rather short, sharp interval style training?

Swim Hiit is the session for you!  Headed up by our Club Coops swim team, our coaches design programs to get you moving through the water with speed!  All abilities are welcome to join.

 Flippers recommended but not essential. 60 min duration