Swimming is a great cardio exercise, and can also be used for injury recovery, or even relaxation – and now you can do it all year round!

At Club Coops we believe that relaxation is just as important as being active.Our 25 metre heated pool will keep you swimming all year round with lane ropes for lap training as well as a free swimming area.

Swimming is the perfect way to complement your strength and cardio training at the gym, adding a cross-training element to your workouts. After land based training, swimming is the best form of recovery. Apart from cooling you down, it moves blood through your muscles, helping them to recover quickly. It also helps you mentally relax as you glide through the water.

Swimming can be a great option to give your body a break from the tolling workload of land based sports such as running. Because swimming exercises the whole body including heart, lungs and muscles with very little joint strain, it is a preferred form of exercise for people with injuries.

Perhaps you run regularly and are looking to give your body a break from the impact stress while still keeping your heart rate up. Swimming is the perfect exercise session without the weight of your body bearing down on you.

Aqua Aerobics

If traditional fitness exercises leave you bruised, battered or just bored, aqua aerobics classes are the perfect way to get fit in a fun, safe environment. Aqua aerobics is an addictive instructor-led workout for the whole body that uses the resistance of water to burn fat, strengthen your muscles, increase endurance and get your heart and lungs going.

Aqua aerobics is a great workout for all fitness levels. Seniors, arthritis sufferers, pregnant women and injured athletes all benefit greatly from water-based workouts. Because you’re 90% lighter in water there’s less strain on your joints and muscle, and less risk of injury.


At Coops, your aqua aerobics instructor will run you through a fun, dynamic routine with simple exercises that gets your heart pumping. All classes are performed in shallow water, with music and an attentive instructor keeping you energised and motivated. Coops aqua aerobics classes are easy on joints and easy to follow so you get moving sooner, burning fat and having fun sooner! Coops also structure classes so every fitness level gets a great workout.


Whatever your fitness level, Coops’ aqua aerobics classes are a refreshing way to improve fitness and have fun. Their heated Brisbane pool makes working out in the water the perfect way to keep strong and active with family and friends all year round. Aqua aerobics is free for Gym & Pool members, although casual classes are also available. Members don’t need to book for the session – just turn up and enjoy the workout!

If you’re a non-member who’s unsure about aqua aerobics classes, give Coops a ring to arrange a free trial class and see what all the buzz is about. Contact Coops now to find out how you can hit the water, boost your fitness and burn fat!