functional training

The Vault is Coops’ complete functional training studio.  

Complete with pull up rig, sled tracks, plyo boxes, boxing bags, The Kinesis Wall plus way more!

The Vault was designed to be something not found in the traditional gym model.  It complements your current gym workouts, adding an element of functional training, allowing you to use your body in a way that it designed to be used. 

Another great addition to The Vault is our Small Group Functional Training workouts.  These functional training classes add a fun, higher intensity and more personalised experience to your workouts at Club Coops.  These programs are all included in your Coops Complete Membership and run by our expert team of personal trainers.  Our PT's will give you expert advice, the motivation and inspiration you need to help you achieve your goals.  



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This circuit is designed to provide a high energy cardio workout. If you're a cardio die-hard, you won’t be able to get enough of this class.

It will have a high cardiovascular fitness focus with a small amount of strength and power, through the use of the odd body weight strength and plyometric based movement.



The objective of this circuit is to provide an alternative to traditional weight training. This class will get you off the gym floor and into a challenging and motivating team environment, all while building lean strength and muscle.



This class uses boxing combinations to build cardiovascular fitness, whilst strengthening and toning your muscles. Using Pads, Gloves and the boxing bags provided. A fun, motivating workout to a great soundtrack.

For all fitness levels.


UFT - Ultimate Functional Training

This circuit has a strong focus on improving overall strength, mobility and cardiovascular levels through everyday functional movements. It is a great class for both beginner and experienced functional training enthusiasts alike.


trx class

Like any session this workout can be tailored to any level. It is a strength circuit that is unique in nature through the use of the TRX’s and floor work.

The hanging aspect of this circuit also increases the difficulty due to the required grip strength and stability.


TAB - Tabata Abs *NEW

30 minute core specific workout, primarily focusing on the Lumbo-pelvic region, with aspects of gymnastics to the session which will naturally provide improvements to strengthen the body as a whole.

This class caters for all abilities. The session will start with a 5 min core activation/education drill and slowly build intensity while finishing with a Tabata round. Ideal to tag on at the beginning or end of another class or your workout.



In this class we use multiple training methods in order to challenge the body and improve fitness, strength, agility and body functionality. This may include use of the kinesis wall, bosu balls, fit balls, free weights and body weighted cardiovascular and core training. It is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.