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Physio & Massage


Praxis Physiotherapy operate from Club Coops and understand that your body is unique and deserves tailored rehabilitation and not generic treatments that have failed in the past.


We spend more time on understanding your issue and providing the best and most recent evidence based ‘hands on’ manual therapy.

So if you are after a dedicated physio who is passionate about fixing your problems, we’d be delighted to help you on your rehabilitation journey.

We separate ourselves from other therapist because we:

  • Have longer intial consultations
  • Thoroughly and accurately assess your problem
  • Provide clear education of the contributing factors
  • Effectively plan your rehabilitation with you
  • Have NO overlap of patients to ensure 100% focus on you
  • Use NO electrotherapeutic agents – TENS, Ultrasound, IFT etc – in session
  • Use NO heat or ice packs in session
  • Actively seek collobaration with other health and fitness professionals

Physio + Massage Sessions

Feel Good. Move Freely. Live Well.


Praxis is excited to now offer massage! Let our qualified remedial massage therapists tailor your massage to your specifications.

We all crave the occasional indulgence. A mindless distraction or little treat to reward our hard work. Some people see massage as an indulgence, but the good news is that unlike many of the indulgences we crave, massage has proven health benefits. And as far as health and wellness interventions go, massage is a great deal.

As one of the oldest healing arts, massage has been shown to help the body in a number of ways. Massage has also been shown to help in a variety of specific health disorders.

How massage helps the body


Stress reduction

Stress reduction

Releasing muscle tension

Improves posture

Enhance muscle recovery from activities such as sport

Increase circulation

Immunity boosting

Health disorders helped by massage


Back pain

Depression and anxiety




High blood pressure


At Praxis, our massage therapists work closely with our physiotherapists to ensure that your massage experience is not only blissful, but productive for your rehabilitation as well. Another reason to book in today!

Massage Prices

Remedial / Relaxation / Sports Massage

Initial 1 hr Massage


Follow Up 1 hr Massage


30 min Massage


Note: private health rebates apply

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